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The Waiting Room

“Ugh! I need the doctor to call back ASAP” And there it was…. that still small voice… “But do you trust Me more than the doctor?” Whoa. It has been a rough week for many reasons. One of those reasons was some tests the doctors were doing on my dad. To say it has been a little unnerving would be putting it mildly. While waiting on more details from the doctor. I text a friend the opening (above) text. Then my faith was slapped into check. “But do you trust Me more than the doctor?” resonated with my soul and brought me to tears at my desk. I could not process the worry anymore for I was having a crisis of faith right there on my planning period in my classroom. Oh modern medicine, how complex you are when it comes to faith. I believe that God has given us the tools and knowledge to use modern medicine, but our trust must remain in Him.  “Of course God’s got this” I thought “Of course God is bigger than anything…     even……