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ABC: Adoption, Bibles, and Courtrooms

     For months, Jimmie and I have been in and out of courtrooms and attorney offices over our children. One in which was such a happy occasion where I was able to legally call them mine through the gift of adoption. It is not lost on me the beauty here or that this is an answer to their biological mother’s prayers. I am humbled to be given such a gift and journey.       Other times we’ve been fighting to keep our children and keeping their physical and emotional well beings safe. And because I am struggling, I physically cannot type anymore about this with details because I’m struggling with words. Correction: I’m struggling with Christ-like words.       I let my kids play barefoot at the park just the other day. I sat and watched my kids be kids. I listened to the screams, the giggles, the shrieks of delight. I watched as my Elsa chased my Captain America. And grief and courtrooms were a million miles away.  This is what I wish the people of the court could see. Then t

A Parent's Love

Parenting...                    What a humbling experience…                                                                        yet, what a rewarding experience. "For  God so loved the world ,  that he gave his only Son,  that whoever believes in Him  should not perish but have eternal life."  - John 3:16 You see, I have these two babes and oh, how I love them. How I love them as if I felt every kick in the womb, saw their first smile, heard their first cry, or kissed their first bo-bo.  Circumstances being what they were deemed in God’s perfect will, they are now mine. And we are in the throes of life together. Its definitely an adventure! But oh, the lessons they are teaching me and they don’t even know it.  Every decision now hinges on them. Literally. E.V.E.R.Y.  decision. Parenting…. Is hard.  Plain and simple. It. Is. Hard.  And one may not understand just how hard, until you’re in it. And I mean, neck deep,

What They Don’t Tell You About Teaching

What They Don’t Tell You About Teaching   Teachers are constantly giving.  Teachers are constantly learning:                 learning how to teach better;  learning how to reach their students;  learning how to start up programs;  learning how to adjust programs;  learning how to be what each student needs. Whether its by 30 or 130, a teacher is constantly in demand by his/her students. There are so many aspects in teaching that no one sees. Now, this is not a post about anti-education or trying to dissuade someone from being a teacher. But, this is about lessons I’ve learned in my first 5 years of teaching. It. Is. Tough. Learn to say No!  Have boundaries. As a teacher, I can promise you this: You will be frustrated with yourself some days. You will be frustrated with the politics most days. You will be frustrated with your kids some days. You will be frustrated with the whole


  Motherhood.   Motherhood: Isn’t it funny? One day you are walking along, getting ready for a new school year, living your life, and then the next day, you have kids. NO? That’s not how it is for everyone? Ha! My journey to motherhood has been anything but traditional or conventional. There wasn’t 9 months of preparation for a child. There was a coffee date that turned into seeing “The Emoji Movie” two days later, and the 4 of us have never looked back. We just were. We just fit. We just are. This whirlwind of motherhood has come into my life like a wrecking ball. (I’m sorry for the Miley reference, but it fits.) Motherhood has rearranged my priorities. These two littles have rearranged my heart and passions. I see the world differently. I do things differently. Motherhood is interesting. It is a joy and it is exhausting in the most rewarding way. I have recently kept a log of a few motherhood observations. I do the weirdest things: