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The 28th year!

So, I turned 28 yesterday. 28!!! Please let's have a moment for me to freak out!! I feel like life is passing me by. Tomorrow I will blink and be wearing depends, using a walker and constantly saying inappropriate things!! Ok---lets be real--I already do 2/3 of that! ;-)  I had a few moments of serious freak out yesterday---28....10 years from high school--2 years til 30-- since when am I closer to 30 than I am 18? Or even 25? 28!! I don't know why I am having these moments about 28, but I am.  And now so are you if you are reading this!! When I was 18 or even 23 or heck even 25...I never imagined 28 looking like this. Ever! By this point in my life, I pictured me married with a couple of kids, a beautiful home and most likely as a teacher. Instead, I am in my last year of college to be a teacher, living with my parents so I can finish college and I am single as single comes, with no babies. Ok--- there it is completely opposite of what I dreamed but yet----when thinking ba

Today was good.

January 11, 2013 If I wrote in a diary every day, today’s entry would read something like this: Today, January 11, 2013, was a day full extreme emotions. I grieved, laughed, cried for joy and grief, but most of all, I lived. I saw life ending, life beginning and life being. I saw life through the eyes of dirty little boys and heard the laughter and mystery of a lioness’ roar. I saw grief in the eyes of a 12 and 7 year old that I love dearly. I saw God’s merciful hand in a single tear drop. I laughed til my head hurt over some kings and queens and good food. I was “mama fefe” until my ovaries literally ache with desire. I was welcomed by a goat of all things. Confessions flowed from tongues and fell on open, prayerful hearts. Tonight, as I reflect on this day, I am exhausted and thankful that today I felt every emotion that I felt. I am thankful that today, I lived. I wept for the memories mercifully taken from the future. I cackled at the yesteryear’s ignorant bliss and today’s