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Academic Honor

I have been encouraged by some friends and mentors to post this, because maybe its a big deal and honor! A paper I wrote for a senior level poetry class, the paper received a 100/A and was submitted to the Texas Tech University Second Annual Responsible Conduct of Research Conference. TTU Conference Well, the paper was accepted. This means that I will conduct further research and add more content to my paper. My school is helping me attend the conference to have the honor of presenting my paper in front of scholars. The paper will then be published and sent to grad schools all over the nation. Ok, so maybe it's a big deal....its an academic honor!! So if you are interested, here's the paper as it stands now:                                                                        Bullets of Life             “Give me liberty or give me death!” was a famous quote from Patrick Henry that was pivotal in the history of America. The idea of being a martyr for something one

Faith's Funny Friday: Alien Invasion

In my last post you may remember me briefly mentioning a new friend of the male sex and how we were going to a Daughtry concert together; well  as promised here’s an update on just how great THAT outing was….(yes that is sarcasm) Disclaimer: This is one of the most embarrassing times of my life and  if I can laugh about it now then why not share it here? I do not usually use this type of “humor” but “it happens to everyone” just maybe not in public…. Before the concert, his dad, dad’s new girlfriend, Kyle and I ate at a place called Steamboat Bills in Lake Charles. Obviously this place served seafood of all kinds and it was at one point delicious. We made our way to the concert venue and we were early but it was fun. We sat and Kyle and I had the chance just to enjoy each other’s company. At this point, it is just a fun time hanging out…..before the alien invasion.... The concert starts at 830 and I’m not that impressed with Daughtry at all. I guess the acoustics we