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Thanksgiving 2017

Usually, I do a post for thanksgiving. Sometimes the post is raw, well let’s be real they usually all are raw. Last year I didn’t do an actual Thanksgiving blog, but I mentioned it all in the annual birthday blog. What I mentioned was that I had reached a point of being thankful for the empty chairs at my moms dining table. I wrote about that journey and what a long journey that was; but let me say this, I am still thankful for that season. However, this season looks quite different. Now there’s a “leaf” in my moms table and we are overflowing. In a God-like fashion He brought me this beautiful love story.  As I type this, I’m snuggled between my two babies while my fiancé is at his house. It should also be noted that I’ve never slept with this many stuffed animals in my bed.  Part of the beauty here, this thanksgiving, is that I’m not just thankful today. This has been a season of being thankful despite circumstances. But during this season, I’m waking up and living

The Engagement

Lamentations 3:22-23 The steadfast love of the LORD never ceases; His mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is Your faithfulness. If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, then you know that since my last post my life has drastically changed. The Lord has given me a treasure. He has given me the physical embodiment of my prayers in Jimmie and these precious babies. I don’t mean that to be cliché, but I mean that as if you were to look in the box of letters/prayers that’s under my bed, you would see just how beautiful this is. Of all the views I’ve ever posted about, this is one that stops me in my tracks. This one is the most beautiful. This one is it - the one He has ordained- the one for which I’ve prayed - the one that is proof of His faithfulness.   The view might be different than what I or some of those who walked this journey with me imagined. But when I see this view, I know without a shadow of doubt that He is writing th

A letter to parents on the first day of school

Dear Parents, I know some of you thought this day would never come and that grocery bill is relieved it's here.  Some of you dreaded this day.  Some of you this is your first day of school as a parent . Some of you are wishing you had just one more. And some of you it's your last.  We get it. We are going back to a routine, for that we are thankful.  We know you are entrusting us with your lifeline.  We know there will be good days and bad days. We know there will be long days. And we know that we will blink twice and it will be May.  We never take for granted the gift you are giving us. Your most prized possession and we get to be part of the village.  For the ones wishing you were buying school supplies one more time, do it. Because I promise you there's a child in every classroom wishing they had some new school supplies.  For the ones wishing time away, you only get 12 first days of school.  For the ones aching as they leave their li

What if…

What if… What if she/he never comes back? What if…. "Does that change the sovereignty of me, God Almighty?" "Does that change that I Am the Great I Am?" "Does that change that I am still on the throne?" What if the circumstances don’t change? "Does that change Who I AM?" "Does that change the Promises I have made?" "Does that change My Love for you?" What about the glimpse of hope that the circumstances are changing? "Circumstances change with the wind, but I remain the same." "Is your hope in Me? Or in the circumstance?" “Or in the outcome?” “…when the test says no baby.” "Keep your eyes on Me." “…when the diagnosis is cancer.” "Keep your eyes on Me." “…when the waiting is too much.” "Keep your eyes on Me." “…when the betrayal knocks you on your face.” "Keep your eyes on Me." I know I've written posts like this