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Thanksgiving 2017

Usually, I do a post for thanksgiving. Sometimes the post is raw, well let’s be real they usually all are raw. Last year I didn’t do an actual Thanksgiving blog, but I mentioned it all in the annual birthday blog. What I mentioned was that I had reached a point of being thankful for the empty chairs at my moms dining table. I wrote about that journey and what a long journey that was; but let me say this, I am still thankful for that season. However, this season looks quite different. Now there’s a “leaf” in my moms table and we are overflowing. In a God-like fashion He brought me this beautiful love story.  As I type this, I’m snuggled between my two babies while my fiancĂ© is at his house. It should also be noted that I’ve never slept with this many stuffed animals in my bed.  Part of the beauty here, this thanksgiving, is that I’m not just thankful today. This has been a season of being thankful despite circumstances. But during this season, I’m waking up and living