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Happy 100th post!!!!

This is my 100 th blog post and I wish I had something grand or epic to celebrate it however, I will use this blog post as a catching up, because I miss you guys. (And I like to imagine you miss me!) Football season is over...and what a sad day that is! Yes, there are things to look forward to like beautiful spring days, the smoldering hot summer days by or in the pool; but let's be honest, we already have our countdown to kick of both SEC and NFL football. Here's (most of) our football family!! School this semester has been overwhelming already! I am always working on something yet I never feel like I am doing enough. (Very disheartening) Everything needs to be done yesterday!! I am getting ready to go judge a pageant again, and I am really excited! I had such a blast last year!!  My favorite part is being able to write the girls encouraging notes on their score sheets.  I remember what is was to be fifteen and let me tell you, I never had the courage or