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Don't Cheat Yourself

        Today is my last day as a 28 year old. I usually do some type of birthday blog where I recall the year; however, this year it would have definitely been similar to the  New Year's blog . I had thought about not writing one this year---I mean, who would really notice?--but here I am "inspired" by one of these small moments in life.       28--It was a good year! Within this last year, I feel like I really became comfortable in my own skin. I was more honest with myself, which overflowed into those around me. I allowed myself to feel--to take a chance--to fall and to fail. Did I get my heart broken? There are not words--yet--to describe it, so I will simply say yes. Did I fail at certain goals? Yes but I got up and started again. Did I succeed in some goals? Yes, so I have made new ones. The point is: I am still living, learning, changing, and growing.       In 2014, I told myself I would try a new, more rigorous workout. So, yes, I "drank the kook-aid"

It's A New Year!

Sorry I am late posting this--I know none of you were able to officially start your New Year without it--hahaha! Every year, I write a reflective end of the year blog around New Year's Eve. In past years, I have reflected month by month complete with pictures for this post. However, this year, I think I am changing it up---I mean my two readers don't really care, do you?!?---okay then! 2013 was full of lessons, discoveries, and journeys, but in this blog, I will relive the 13 highlights of '13. 13 highlights of 2013 Lost weight ---This is a continuous journey, but 35 pounds and 26 inches lost and kept off is a big deal!! Next year, well at the end of this year, I hope to be posting a picture in my first two piece swimsuit---hahaha--okay I won't scar my two readers:-) Teaching ---What a glorious and surreal event---I am officially a teacher in Rapides Parish. Scary, right?!?! It has been such a wild ride getting to this point that I can't help but feel