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Honey Boo Boo: Pigs & Poodles

Well, finale night has come and gone, and boy did it leave my head spinning!! Maybe that's all the cold medicine I am doped up on, I don't know, but Honey Boo Boo and family definitely did not disappoint. I should warn you that I am breaking one of my rules; the rule of to stay off of social media/blogs when I am under the influence of medicine, so who knows what this post will end up saying! This week was full of lessons and surprises and as crazy as it sounds, left me wishing for more. I have so many more questions, but for now I will stick to the lessons. 1) Why was their make up layered on for pictures?? And, yes, June who does schedule family pictures in the heat of summer in the south?? I did however enjoy the yelling and fighting!! That was my favorite. 2) "Beauty is the eye, the eye of the beholder.."---sure, its something like that 3) Possibly my favorite quotes: "You can bathe in your own sweat" (um, gross! Not sure that it would be an effective ba

Honey Boo Boo: Fairly,Very Important

Can I just say that I am genuinely going to miss Honey Boo Boo and family? I know, I know, that's a crazy thought, but it is the truth. This week, as usual, did not let me down with fun lessons about life and Honey Boo Boo's family. I just love them and how they make my family look a little more normal every week! 1) Mama June announced that she just doesn't wear makeup!!--You mean that's all natural?? I would have never guessed!! 2) Mama June also didn't know where Honey Boo Boo's eyebrows were located.-- See, I take this knowledge for granted, I guess. I assumed everyone knew where those things are located! 3) It is not "ever, ever." It is "ever, pever!"--Thank you, Honey Boo Boo! 4) "Bingo is a sport. It calms you."--I never knew! And well, it apparently is a family outing, that can include your 6 year old!! A family that plays Bingo together, well......they play bingo together. 5) Three words: June's B

Why Saints Fans Are Better

The Saints have started this football season 0-2. We have not had a start to a season like this in 5 years and yet, I still believe. I still believe in this organization and these boys. Sure, sometimes the fans of the Black and Gold get a bad wrap but, here's why I think Saint's fans are the best in the league: * We own the losses just like the wins. We don't make excuses. We admit when we are outplayed. *Our boys are our biggest fans as well. They really are. They love the Who Dat Nation and they love my city and my state.  *We have to fight and overcome for every victory both on and off the field. Everyone  loves a comeback story and boy, aren't we a good one! We are all a "comeback" story, if you think about it! Sure, some of us are still trying to pull ourselves up to be a comeback story, but in due time, everyone is a comeback story.  *The Saints have brought families together. They have brought our state together! *We aren't a c

Honey Boo Boo: Culinary Lessons

Here it is, another weekly lesson from Honey Boo Boo and family! This week's post is later than usual, something about my college education getting in the way with a class that didn't let out until after 9! I mean, don't they know where the REAL lessons are on Wednesday nights?? (I am sooo joking!!) So, being that is is late and I ache with fatigue let's get this rollin! Oh Honey Boo Boo, you did not let us down! 1. Who is Anna? I forget their real names.  2. Pumpkin (I don't know her real name at all!) must not own any shoes. I wonder if we can get her on the Toms list! 3. Apparently a "ball pit" doesn't have to be full of  "balls" just because it is called a "ball pit"--Remember, this is Honey Boo Boo logic. 4. "Shuggy"--I will never be comfortable with this nickname especially when Honey Boo Boo calls her dad (aka Sugar Bear) "Shuggy" 5. What is a "chalk miner?" ---Is this for real

Honey Boo Boo: Shhh! It's a Blog

What week are we on now with Honey Boo Boo? Four? Five? I don't really recall but I do know that each week I fear the words "Next Week on the season finale..." (You know you do too!!) However, I have not heard those words yet so, let's all celebrate that and continue on with out lessons from Honey Boo Boo! This week was a riot, as usual, a train wreck that I can't help but watch! They started off by going to a wig shop called "Shhh! It's a Wig" The whole family just seemed to have the time of their lives in this wig shop! It was indeed a hot mess! 1) Sugar Bear, you do NOT need a mullet. No one needs a mullet however, I am surprised Sugar Bear doesn't already have one. 2) It must not take much ole Sugar Bear to um.... get those juices flowing for after he saw Mama June in that blonde wig that looked like a big sponge, well he "got all frisky" and "wanted to jump some bones" 3) A new past time, if you are bored....&