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Fifty Shades of Magic Mike

Disclaimer: This may offend you but no judgment is being passed, just my humble feminist stance. Women in our society are going nut balls crazy over the fifty shades of grey series, and now find themselves in love --err lust with a fictional character named Christian Grey. I cannot begin to tell you how much this gets under my skin. I have very dear friends that have read these books and love them, but not to the irrational love of some and this post is not to pass any judgment on anyone who loves these books. This is my humble opinion and what I gathered. I had read a few reviews, both very liberal and very conservative reviews. I had people tell me to read them and people tell me not to read them. It was very 50/50...very on the fence...a very lukewarm debate on these "novels." (And I use the term novel very loosely) I am not one to "judge a book by its cover" so to speak so I decided I would read this series and come to my own conclusions. So I began re


   Recently, I began a journey on a local radio station as the morning co-host. I was really excited for this opportunity and ironically enough it has already come to an end. The journey was fun but more than that it was a test – a lesson – an engagement and now a new journey beings. (Let me clarify, this was not an engagement that will lead to a wedding, but an engagement that brought me closer to my Father.)     There were quite a few reasons for the short journey of my radio career but the most important came from above. My faith was put to the test and I had to take a stand.    One morning on my early commute to the station, it was just me and God awake or that’s what it felt like, the radio was on but all I heard was noise, not melodies, harmonies, lyrics but just noise. Something in my spirit told me to turn the dial KLOVE and then listen. So I did, but what I heard was not noise, I began to hear something different and then there was the still small voice that brings me