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God has two dwellings; one in heaven, and the other in a meek and thankful heart. Izaak Walton So, maybe I have neglected this blog now for months and just maybe all of my “readers” have moved on…however, as I laid in my bed tonight with the day of Thanksgiving only moments away, my heart is full and God is reiterating a lesson on thankfulness in my heart… Last week I found myself in the check out line with a girlfriend and I was complaining about my bra sizes being so expensive…immediately that still small voice within spoke “be thankful”… I was not to be thankful for the expensive bras but thankful that illness had not taken my breasts away…maybe this is far fetched and maybe this is just how my mind and heart operate; but more and more over these past few months “being thankful” has been a theme in my heart and especially in the last week…to the point where one friend has all but banned herself from complaining to me, especially when I told her to be thankful she was traveling i

Measure of a Life

525,600 minutes, 525,000 moments so dear. 525,600 minutes - how do you measure, measure a year? In daylights, in sunsets, in midnights, in cups of coffee. In inches, in miles, in laughter, in strife. In 525,600 minutes - how do you measure a year in the life? How about love? How about love? How about love? Measure in love. Seasons of love. 525,600 minutes! 525,000 journeys to plan. It’s been 525,600 minutes we have now lived without you. One year without you in our lives and it still doesn’t seem to be a reality. A year ago, we stood by your bedside as you said your goodbyes, your last I love you’s and took your last breath…you left this, your temporary home and went to be with the Lord. There’s a peace in knowing that you are not suffering anymore and that you are watching us from above; but it doesn’t make the pain any easier. Oh how I would give just about anything to sit in your living room that always had the distinct smell of coffee, brut and moth balls…and drink one more cup


Some of you might wonder why I am writing a post on motherhood when infact I am not yet a mother. Truth is, I always thought at this point in my life I would be however life had other plans. I guess my maternal hormones are working in overdrive these days with my friends having babies. It's kinda crazy!! However, I have had the utter privelege of playing pseudo mommy to Asher these past few days and I have learned a thing or two about the club of motherhood that I want to be apart of one day! I am sure some of you can relate to some of my findings!! I learned that no matter what kind of day you have had, when you walk in the daycare room and that little face beams with joy at the sight of you and those little chunky hands reach for you; nothing else matters. I learned that privacy in the bathroom while getting ready, is really overrated. I learned that when you are holding a sleeping angel, your bladder really can wait longer than what is probably healthy. You can bake a cake whil

Whistling Diva

*****DISCLAIMER: This is a girl’s ONLY post. I would suggest that if you are NOT a female you NOT read this post; you MAY be scarred for LIFE, boys!!!***** I am writing this blog because honestly it’s a funny story but should probably be told over a few cosmos however I am considering this as a “how to” or “educational” blog for fellow women. I had a friend tell me about the diva cup.(You can click the link above and read up on it.) She raved about how easy it is to use and how much money in the long run she was going to save by purchasing one. Intrigued by this, “green” invention I researched the diva cup. After a few weeks of research and pondering and ok I will confess, being a little confused on how this thing worked I ordered one. It came in and even came with a pretty little pin that says “DIVA” with a pink flower. I don’t know why anyone would want to wear this pin like the scarlet letter but hey, to each their own. After “anxiously” waiting to be

This MAY Take A While......

I guess I should no longer call myself a “blogger”! I just looked and it has been about a month since a post. I have been working on a blog for you all, but I am afraid that I am not QUITE ready to post it yet, soon though I promise. I really have no profound thoughts or great epiphanies to share about a journey I am on or you may be on, but I do have pictures! One of my best friends in the whole wide world got married on April 24 in Tennessee. Yes, I blogged about the journey but I did not share any pictures, unless you saw the plethora on face book! On the off chance you did not see them I will share some now: The journey began early that humid Friday morning, with nothing but highway in front of me and my sister! Yes, in the picture below I am driving WHILE wearing my snuggie and its completely safe!! Mr. and Mrs. Drew Battistelli My new friend, Katie Hannah, she is truly one fabulous chick!!! On the way home Hannah and I made a stop at Graceland. I will not bore you with the ph

The Gospel According to LOST by Chris Seay

The Gospel According to LOST by Chris Seay If you are a "Lostie" then this book demands your attention. I am a new "Lostie" because of this book and I was totally enthralled in Chris Seay's take on the series and the passengers of Oceanic 815. A whole new island, new views on characters and a new take on the series as a whole was opened up to me, the reader. This new "LOST" is full of new meaning to this journey we call life and full of parallels to Biblical principles. This book will NOT lose your attention as it delves into a deeper meaning to daily life. Even though the series is coming to a close very quickly, since reading this book I can guarantee that because of Chris Seay’s words, these principles and characters will be with me throughout my journey in life.

Creeper 101

While I am in no way some relationship expert nor do I consider myself a “stop you in your tracks” kinda girl, I have had my share of run-ins with the creepers out there. I guess I just need a good sarcastic-get-this-off-my-chest (no pun intended) blog. So, please enjoy! -I do not want to be gawked at while pumping gas, your sunglasses don’t hide your gaze that well, dude. -While walking in the hallway, don’t click your jaw at me. I am not a horse. -DR., please, we are co-workers, keep your hands to yourself, your eyes on my face, your nicknames like “stacked” in your head and all other sexually harassing “I could own you if I was a suing person” language to yourself, k? Thanks! -Oh then there’s you, the one that literally pops up wherever I go and has somehow infiltrated every social networking site I am on, and feels the need to comment on everything….Precious. -Hey There, Mr. “I’m kinda still married”, yeah I see how you keep your left hand in your pocket when you come around. I

Adventure in His Hands

If you have looked anywhere on my facebook this week you will see two new albums full of adventures from a 60 hour road trip that was 1200 miles full of adventure and a beautiful wedding for my close friend Drew. It was a pleasure to be a part of such a milestone in his life and I wouldn’t have missed it for the world! The drive was long and tiring but I believe that in everything an adventure is to be had. Adventure was definitely had but there were also some sweet quiet moments within my being. Driving home Sunday in all the beauty of Tennessee, thru the tornado damage of Mississippi, and onto the flat farmlands of Louisiana, I had a “bring-me-to-my-knees in awe of The Creator” kinda moment when that still small voice said "Not one of these flowers are here by chance....not one of those trees are snapped in half by chance....all of this You see....All of this you in MY HANDS...yes even the leaves and the flowers...I have ordained them all in their place for such a ti

Blogging Off The Weight & More

Nope, I have not forgotten, everyday when I crave that chocolate or that supersize meal... I think about this picture of the old cantankerous lady in a moo-moo and try my best to resist such temptation!! The scales are showing a loss of about 28 pounds (depending on the week of the month its 30, HA!!!!) While these results are slow I am reminded that just like everything else in life, this too is a process, filled with ups and downs. Do you ever just have those rare days that you feel skinny?? I know I do and those are the days that I REALLY try to avoid the mirrors! Let me have my delusional skinny day once a month! haha One day, it will no longer be a delusion and I will have a flat stomach but that day is not today! I have noticed a change in some clothes and how they fit, that is fun. Swimsuit season is basically upon us and my body sings "oh happy day" in a sarcastic tune when I think about this! However I did find a swimsuit that I feel pretty in and I think thats rea

First Easter

Night before last I was driving home from Marksville and because my ipod was dead I was forced to scan the radio for some jams. I landed on a couple of fun songs but then I landed on Delilah. Please, bare with me as I bared with Delilah! I have not listened to her in literally 5 years but that night I got suckered in by her soothing manly voice, cheesy songs and stories that pull your heartstrings. I drove down the road as a woman told her story. Her story was one I am sure we have all heard but it never makes the listening easier. She thanked Delilah for what she does because she and her husband used to listen to Delilah's show every night. This woman had just lost her husband of 45 years to cancer. She went on to say that while she has family there with her, there is still a gaping whole in her life where her best friend, her lover, her husband once thrived. She kept her husband at home, even when the cancer had taken his sense of speach, but when they sat in those night hours he

Candid Camera ??

Ok, dearies, I found this journal entry today and while it’s a few of months old, I really just wonder do these things happen to other people. And I am beginning to wonder if candid camera is following me around to see how much I can take of odd life experiences. Nonetheless, I LOVE my life…and its moments like these that make it all the more enjoyable. So, I am at lunch and I run to dollar tree to pick up a birthday card for a coworker, while looking over the surprisingly good selection of cards that are 2 for a dollar, this lady comes up to me. I do not know why these people find me; maybe I look like the most na├»ve person in the store. She is holding a set of 4 red Christmas Jingle Bells and she starts mumbling something but all I hear are flower girl and wedding. At this point, I say “now, ma’am what is it you are using these for?” and she says “I’m getting married soon, and my flower girl is going to shake the bells and yell THE BRIDE IS COMING!!! Do you think these will work?”

I found Jesus in the flowerbed....again!!

(The beginning of this is an old blog, this post is new along with the blog as a whole) In the spring fever mood I "suffered" from today due to the beautiful weather, I decided to start on the flower bed in front of my house. I had the fresh dirt and the flowers all ready, but when I looked at the flower bed it was not ready. The once fresh and fertile soil was now covered with weeds, rocks, a mossy like blanket and leaves. The top soil was dry and cracked. I knew my flowers would never survive nor would they be admired for their true beauty with all the ugly surrounding them. So, I started pulling weeds. The more I pulled up, the deeper they got. I pulled up weeds, rocks and leaves all by hand. Yet, the more I removed the exterior, the more I saw what was beneath, which was that fresh and fertile soil. I stopped. I sat on my knees, with the sun beating my brow and the fresh breeze caressing my skin. I pondered how this "gardening" was so much like what God has to

Blogging Off The Weight 4 ??

So, maybe I haven’t lost any more pounds but I’m pretty sure an inch or so fell off somewhere because I was able to go down a dress size and even two sizes in one style!!!! I got sick a couple of weeks ago…so sick that I was praying for God to just take me…it was a violent bug that left me 3 pounds lighter in 2 days!!!! However, I got REALLY dehydrated and frankly did not care anymore about calories or healthy food that is, once I was able to even be around food!!! So, to date I have lost 15 pounds! I am still happy about that and if this weather would ever NOT be rainy and cold I would start walking! In the meantime, though, my sister and I did buy a shake weight! Yes, AS SEEN ON TV, where the woman is shaking a weight and smiling the whole time! Let me clarify, that she is crazy because I do NOT smile the whole time I am shaking it!!! I am in a wedding at the end of April and I don’t want my flabby arms to be what I see when I look at pictures, so I’m shaking it off! As much as y