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"Another Poem About The Heart"

The semester is coming to a close and I can not wait to catch up with my blog! Meanwhile, while I getting ready for another day of class tomorrow I ran across the essay I wrote last semester in response to the poem below. In light of some bizarre events here lately I am posting this and plus it gives me an excuse to post on my blog! Hope you enjoy!! Another Poem About the Heart - Jenn Habel When the floor drops out, as it has now, you cannot hear the squirrel on the wire outside your window, the wheels spinning on the road below. You want only pity and are presented with the unbelievable effrontery of a world that moves on. But wait: this is not the person you are. You're the kind of person who sits in dark theaters crying at the collarbones that curve across the dancers' chests, at the proof of a perfection they represent; a person who goes out walking in a four-day drizzle, sees a pot of geraniums and is seized, overcome by how they can bring

He is in the Fog

"I will never leave you nor forsake you says the Lord" Hebrews 13:5 Lately, I find my heart in a state of ignorant peace. A peace despite my sense of not knowing what is coming or what is really in my present. All I really know is that I have school and work and I encounter a lot of people everyday and sometimes the budding relationships with these people can throw me for a loop. Sometimes its the development of maturing relationships and how they change over time. Have I lost you? My state of ignorant peace can only be from the Hand of God, you see my name is engraved in His hand and on His heart. This promise I know is true so I know its not a state of being forgotten by God. He would never forget any of us, we are all constantly on the forefront of His mind. This ignorant peace is overwhelming. I was recently driving to class one foggy morning. When I reached highway 71, where LSUA is, the fog seemed to grow more dense with every few feet. I kept driving. I literall

Cheap Post

Hello Dearies, if you are still here!! I am just checking in because yes, I am still here!! Are you?? Life has been crazy this semester but I am surviving because "I can do all things through Christ!!" I miss my little blog. How's YOUR life going? I am consumed with work and books and school and papers and projects and and and .........I won't bore you; however, I do promise a fun little blog coming soon! The Lord is always faithful with a cool message and I want to share one in particular! For now, I will use this time to post a little project I had to write for one class. My Obituary. It was very strange writing this. There was a constant struggle of me feeling very narcissistic and just being plain ridiculous and then there was the feeling that I was inadvertently setting some very high goals for myself! Anyway, as bizarre as it is here's the little ditty I wrote for my obituary. Hope in some way its funny to you!?!? This is weird..Anyway, ENJOY and I prom

Where Have All the Princesses Gone?

Psalm 45:13 "The King's daughter is all glorious within..." I recently joined a book club each month we meet and discuss the book we read over themed food inspired by the book. It is just a delight in my month now! How do we choose the books? Each of our names are in a cup and each month we draw names to see who picks the next book. Knowing this I have been trying to decide on a book for whenever my name gets drawn. Since we do themes for our meetings and you all know I thrive on theme.(I might have a slight problem but I just enjoy themes!!) Of course the first one that popped into my head was.....wait for it.........a princess/royal theme!!! I mean seriously the ideas are endless here!!! Almost immediately I started my search, sure there is the book I fell in love with as a teenager by Lori Wick called The Princess, but after re-reading it this summer I can not imagine this book being well liked by everyone nor sparking some great discussion; so my search continu

Racism Recovery

This has been a muddle in my heart for a couple of weeks now... "For there is no distinction between Jew and Greek; for the same Lord is Lord of all, bestowing his riches on all who call on him." Romans 10:12 I recently saw THE HELP, you may recall that I absolutely could not put the book down this summer and I anxiously awaited the movie. I laughed and cried with and for these women for while their characters may be a part of fiction their stories are apart of a more recent history. The society that the generation before me grew up in baffles me. My mother and her best friend easily recall the days of segregation. So much energy wasted hating people because of a skin color or a culture. Closed minded and just plain ignorant my mind would RAVE as I read the stories of these women or watched them unfold on the big screen. I was just in awe that people lived like this and so many of them did not see anything wrong with these beliefs, especially the ones that called thems

Checking In

Hey Y'all! Oh wow, doesn't that "sound" like Paula Dean?? I am sorry! let's start over!! Hey Dearies! (much better) I have not forgotten about my blog, infact I have a couple started but I never seem to have the time to sit down and finish them. It is week two and these 18 hours of school have proved to be very demanding already. Trying to learn major time management between work, school and family/friends is fun!! I feel as if I need an assistant or clone of myself to keep everything going or to write a newsletter to my friends letting them know I am still alive! Currently I am sitting on my bed with my "study" playlist in the background and all of my school books surrounding me, staring at me and patiently waiting for my attention! It is Wednesday, which means the link up party to What I'm Loving Wednesday is ongoing and I am sitting here really wanting to join in, but I also know I "owe" you guys a "real" blog because ob

Simply Fabulous Life

What I'm Loving Wednesday!! So its been a couple of weeks since I was able to join in my link up party for What I am Loving Wednesday and even now we are at the 11th hour but nonetheless here we go because WE have some catching up to do! I'm Loving.. .My spontaneous new haircut! I cut off about 5 inches of hair on a whim! It was liberating in so many ways! I'm Loving... my new Thirty One bag for school! Thank goodness my friend started selling Thirty One, this is JUST what I need for me to be successful this semester in school ;) I'm Loving... that an editor of a local small town newspaper is interested in some of my writings and even published one last week!!! I'm Loving... the book club I joined!! We are on our second book, Shoot the Moon, which I finished it last night. I must say this is just FABULOUS! It is broadening my horizons in the world of reading, cultures while getting to know some great women! I'm Loving... that  Cenla Down

Kids and Clay

As my days as summer nanny to my boys are quickly coming to an end, I want to leave you with this entry on my blog. Keeping two boys this summer has been a joy! They have taught me so much and made me heartily laugh! They have also helped rejuvenate the child within me and with that child, the child like faith I had allowed life to take away. I never LOST faith but I had a skeptical faith. The puns are ridiculous I know I will refrain, I promise. I believe with my entire being that this summer was God ordained. It was more than an answered prayer for their parents to keep them out of daycare; it was more than an answered prayer for me a summer job; it was actually an answered prayer that I did not know was prayed much less needed answering. This summer has brought changes in my personal life. Humbling experiences and heartbreak that has truly grown my faith more than I ever dreamed. I can "look" you in the eye and tell you I am good. God has truly held me in the palm of

Faith's Funny Friday

Yes, it is Friday once again and we are all counting down the hours until the weekend! While I was getting ready this morning this blog came to mind, I had to re-read it and got a good laugh! Here I am again sharing it with you...maybe your Friday afternoon will fly by:)  Happy Laughs, Dearies!! The Whistling Diva *****DISCLAIMER: This is a girl’s ONLY post. I would suggest that if you are NOT a female you NOT read this post; you MAY be scarred for LIFE, boys!!!*****   *DIVA CUP* I am writing this blog because honestly it’s a funny story but should probably be told over a few cosmos however I am considering this as a “how to” or “educational” blog for fellow women. I had a friend tell me about the diva cup.(You can click the link above and read up on it.) She raved about how easy it is to use and how much money in the long run she was going to save by purchasing one. Intrigued by this, “green” invention I researched the diva cup. After a few weeks of research and po

Life’s Little Loves

Today I am linking up with  Jamie for What I’m Loving Wednesday! {1} I'm loving ...the simplicity of the dragonfly is this picture. It’s peaceful. {2} I'm loving ...that my some of my girls and I have a girl date at a new place opening up in town on Friday! {3} I'm loving rides. No I am not hardcore and do not even go everyday but when I can I love them. {4} I'm loving ...that God has truly blessed me with the best people in my life thus far! {5} I'm loving ...that school is starting up soon and I have a fabulous new bag that I will share next week! {6} I'm loving ...that I get to wear an apron at my part time job during the fall semester! {7} I'm loving old book I found in my closet but never read. I started reading it this week and I am pretty sure its God’s timing! Until Next Time Dearies!

The Moon

I was cleaning up my computer files tonight because apparently my body thinks I do not require a decent amount of sleep anymore. What I found was a bunch of old writings that I had forgotten about. One in particular is an essay that I wrote at the end of this last semester of school. What is funny is that I asked my friend, who usually reads anything I write before I turn it in for a grade, about posting she did not remember this one. She encouraged me to post it because “you never know who you might help.” Below you will find the poem the essay is about and then the essay …maybe its for you…maybe its for me…either way here goes: Driving Home After Marriage Counseling I noticed the moon, one of those eccentric ones, fat yellow, superfluous in the just dark sky, the kinds they call “harvest” or “lover’s”, the kind no one would want to walk on You must have been negotiating carefully the curves on the long farm road that took us home, I don’t remember. What I remem

Life's Little Loves

Today I am linking up with Jamie  for What I'm Loving Wednesday! I am new to think link up parties but I think they are a fabulous idea and hope you enjoy them as well, dearies!! So, here's to what I'm Loving Wednesday: I'm Loving that I have officially finalized my fall semester schedule and while I am a littler nervous about the grueling 18 hours my inner nerd can not wait to start studying! Plus there's always the nostalgic joy of new school supplies! Goodbye, social life! I'm Loving that my dear friend Lori is having twins!!! And even more than that she just found out that its a boy and girl!!!!! I am absolutely thrilled for her and her hubs!! They are going to be great parents and I can not wait to be Nanny FeFe to those precious angels!!!   I'm Loving that LSU football is in 45 days!!! Bring on SEC football, cooler weather, scarfs, gumbo and great times with out football family!!! I'm also Loving that

Coloring His Masterpiece

Some of you may have noticed that I have been blogging more lately or maybe I am the only one that gets on this thing! Regardless, I have had a couple of requests for a post that I posted a few years back and ironically enough this particular post had been on my heart as of late. Below you will find said post with a new additon. Coloring Is Cheaper Than Therapy: Late Saturday night, while on a random trip to Walgreens I picked up a 16 pack of Crayola crayons and coloring book. Oddly, I found myself laughing at my excitement of my purchase. Sunday, I sat on my bed with Season 2 of Grey's Anatomy playing and I grabbed my favorite childhood past time. I sat and carefully picked my first bland and dead picture to bring to life. If you know me at all, you will know that of course it was one with flowers and butterflies. I thoughtfully selected the colors of my choice from new box of crayons. I colored, careful not to get out of the lines and of course outlining each detail in a dar

Twenty Six and a Half

26 and a Half Yesterday I turned 26 and a ½. Yes, I do celebrate my 1/2 birthday and I enjoy every second. There’s not a party however how much fun would THAT be!?!? Everyone has a surprise birthday party…but a surprise ½ birthday party!?!? THAT would be a riot of fun! Maybe you think I am crazy but why not celebrate your ½ birthday? It’s not about getting older or maybe it is. Maybe it is about gaining another six months of life. You are alive and you have breath in your lungs…celebrate! I absolutely love birthdays well, really I love most holidays but I have this obsession with birthdays and celebrating YOU! My birthday is January 16; 20 days from Christmas and usually its celebrated by the nation in observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. In school I always had a three day weekend the week of my birthday so I mean really how could I NOT love my birthday?? So why the ½? Well…. Why not the ½? Why not  celebrate yourself more often than your birthday? And I am not talking abou

Adventure on a Budget

SO its Friday night and I just realized I have spent most of the evening on the interwebs with my facebook up….and now people KNOW I don’t have a life, however, it was productive time, right? ;) Tonight’s blog is dedicated to one of the cheapest lunches, ever! In this time of economic crisis and super crazy couponin' shoppers, my friend Erika and I have found different ways to save. This lunch however was very much a random stop for us on a day business trip to Lafayette. We were starving and on a whim turned into a place called Chris’ PoBoys: We decided to look at the menu and if we couldn’t afford it (because yes we are both on a strict budget) that we would walk out with our heads held high. You could say that we really have no shame! We find a place to sit in the back so we can take in the entire restaurant and take in the menu. Looks good to me! We order water and both individually decide on the Chris’ Special however, thanks to the sweet waitress we ordered a who

Simple Things

Today I am linking up with Jesslyn Amber  and bringing you some Simple Things that I am loving this week! ***a sweet two year old screaming in delight that FeFe had arrived*** ***the sound of thunder waking me at 4 am *** ***Eating lunch with a dear friend both of us for less than 14 dollars*** ***drinking Dr. Pepper from an old school glass bottle*** ***Children's laughter as they belly flop in the pool*** ***Completely getting lost in a book*** ***Singing to the top of my lungs in my car*** ***Taking my picture.....and seeing a pretty smile***

What else do I need???

So I have been laying low.…laying low in giving details and true feelings that I am having to work out ..…Yes there is this inner white trash girl that wants to blast and wants everyone to know all the bad….but then there’s this other Faith…the Faith that sometimes I myself do not understand…THAT girl can only be attributed to God….because THAT girl has a lot more class than my inner white trash gossipin fool named Sha nay nay….I know I was surprised by the name too! But this God driven …merciful Faith….is ALL God...and I want that to be made clear!!! I sit here in a turmoil because of what a walking contradiction I can be at times. I know I have touched on this before when I referenced the Proverbs 31 woman that wants to thrive versus the Anti-Men feminist that wants to thrive..…I’m still working on a balance…and here we sit…but tonight its on the topic that is a four letter word in all I am not a love hater, although that would be interesting. I believe in love. I do

Faith's Funny Friday 2

So its Friday and I am guessing maybe, just maybe this four day work week has indeed felt longer than a regular five day work week and that maybe just maybe you need a laugh. So, as usual let me dig into the embarrassing and bizarre moments in my life, not that its spectacular, but it at least might make your Friday not drag....for at least the three minutes it takes you to read this ;) For about the entire month of June I fought a terrible cold/sinus infection that moved into my chest and produced a ferocious cough. You know the kind that gets mistaken for a dog's bark. So fast forward to a couple of weeks ago when I had a date. At this point the only thing that really was hanging around from the cold/sinus riot in my body was a little chest congestion and the ferocious hacking cough. No worries, I did warn the poor guy that there was a bass drum stuck in my chest and sometimes tried to fight its way out! He picked me up and we went to dinner. The evening was progressing nicely w

My Saints

Our dearest boys, You came with something special and brought life back to a city that we dearly love. You came and we believed. You proved our faith in you to be true. Through the years, through the paper bags and the ridicule we stood by our Saints even when the world mocked our die hard belief that our Saints would win us that Superbowl. You proved us right when you brought us home the trophy and those rings. Once again our city thrived and black and gold flooded not only New Orleans but a state and even a country. For me personally you brought together a family. While we may not be blood our familys blood is black and gold and we gather every Saints game. We bring the dome energy to our living room and there is something magical when my football family, all decked out in their black and gold are cheering you, our boys on the screen, with good ole Cajun gumbo in the kitchen. While we may never meet face to face, you are apart of our family, so please let's see each other this se

Faith's Funny Friday

This is a couple of years old but it still makes me chuckle and its Friday afternoon, you know you need something to read to pass the last couple of hours at your desk:) I really just wonder do these things happen to other people? And I am beginning to wonder if candid camera is following me around to see how much I can take of odd life experiences. Nonetheless, I LOVE my life…and its moments like these that make it all the more enjoyable. So, I am at lunch and I run to dollar tree to pick up a birthday card for a coworker, while looking over the surprisingly good selection of cards that are 2 for a dollar, this lady comes up to me. I do not know why these people find me, maybe I look like the most naïve person in the store. She is holding a set of 4 red Christmas Jingle Bells and she starts mumbling something but all I hear are flower girl and wedding. At this point, I say “now, ma’am what is it you are using these for?” and she says “ I’m getting married soon, and my flower girl

Cleaning House

Yesterday I was going through some old blogs and found the "Big girl in a big city" series. As I read them and totally forgot I wrote them I realized how much I enjoy blogging and how I have missed it!! I have been wanting to blog more but have felt less than inspired and not had anything really exciting to blog about . So with that said, today I will blog about the mundane....the "what's been going on with Faith" blog....the Fabulous not so Riveting Life of Faith: With school out for the summer, my inner nerd has come alive and I have found I miss studying. I really don't know what's wrong with me but I get jealous of my sister when she has to study for her class hahaha! Maybe studying had become a new outlet or new hobby of mine. I am sure this fall when classes start back up, I will have hundreds of other things I would rather be doing than studying when indeed I should be studying. I have decided to change my major from elementary education to Engli