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From 15 to 16

Oh 2015---what a year you have been.  You took a lot from us. You took people we never imagined living without. You took offenses to a whole new level. You took our innermost beliefs and challenged them. You even challenged our identities. You took fear to a places it shouldn't be, such as concerts, movies, shopping malls, etc. You took what was done in secret and exposed it for all the world to see.  But what did you give us?  You gave us a renowned sense for the fragility of life. And through some of the losses we endured, life was given. You gave us opportunities to see His faithfulness even in the details. You gave us a sense of community. You gave us hope. You gave us the words and strength to break down walls that were formed. You opened our eyes. You gave us the humility to extend grace and mercy.  We sit here, ready to toast the new year and vow to be better. By Mardi Gras, the resolutions will be forgotten and the every day hum drum of 2016 will be upon us. Yet, if 2015  t

"The week everything happened"

  We reference the day of October 20, 2015, as "the week everything happened." No one says what happened, but we are all reminded just how big that hole is.    That week defined a lot for us at Rapides High---or at least in my classroom. That week was a fog---a fog of tears, hugs, and unbelief. That week we truly solidified that we are a family. That week we grew closer than ever. That week we truly learned. That week boundaries were broken because we were broken.    And now, only---                             already---six weeks later, we are still growing. We are still sharing stories of butterflies. We are still sharing life. We have moments where some just need to chat. We have moments where tears form from nowhere. We are still that close family.    We are still learning about this life without her big hearty laugh and smile. We find her in the poems we read. She even shows up in our essays at times. Sometimes, I swear I see her in the halls or at a ball game. She is ou