Corona Virus Journals: Week One

Corona Virus Journals: Week One

Sunday, March 15
I told my mom to please stay home.
I told my dad to stay away from people.
My mom tearfully agreed. 
My dad somberly told me of measures he would be taking.
My mom choked on her tears as she said, “Please don’t let it be a month before I see y’all or those babies. Please FaceTime me.”
I choked on tears as this became real for me. 

I am not sure when it happened, but my parents got older. And I am not real sure how to process that.

Day 1:
Monday, March 16
6 kids.
Three 10 year olds.
A 6 year old.
A 7 year old.
A 1 year old.
No schedule.
Lots of snacks in the house.
I will make it.

Day 2:
Tuesday, March 17
No green was worn.
5 kids.
Missing one 10 year old.
We are trying our best at establishing a routine. 
Getting dressed is a must for us all. We have to do that.  Today, I started marking off the days on the calendar. Today, I was already losing track of the day.

 I was able to get stuff posted in  Google Classroom. I miss my students. I only had 9 weeks with most of these kids. I miss them. I miss my kids getting the school experience. They miss it and it hurts my heart for so many reasons.

 I question if I am doing enough to enrich their active brains during this time.

Day 3:
Wednesday, March 18
I find that my days are starting to revolve around the times when the president or governor will speak. I struggle with obsessively checking and completely checking out. There has to be a balance. This isn’t an “over there” problem. 
I helped the kids build a fort today. 
By this afternoon, patience was a little thinner. 
It irks me when kids don’t say yes ma’am and no ma’am. 
It’s day 3 and I know I made the right decision to not teach elementary. 

Day 4
Thursday, March 19
It feels much longer than day 4. I think this season will make me more thankful for Monday mornings—more thankful for those stressful mornings—more thankful for those days when I must wear real pants. 
Today we had a nature scavenger hunt. The breeze was perfect.  The change of scenery was good for us all.  

Day 5
Friday, March 20
I woke up crying. 
This pandemic is here and spreading. 
I miss my parents. I miss my sister and family. 
I have to get it together for my kids. 

Day 6
Saturday, March 21 
It’s World Down syndrome day. Normally we would be celebrating together. 
I’ve thought about not counting the weekends in this journal because they are weekend. But even our weekends look different during this pandemic. 
But today we made books for BeBe and Rick-Rick.  Gosh, we miss them. 

Normally, we would be gathering at mom and dads for lunch. It’s how we spend our Sundays and I look forward to it. But today, we won’t be. 
The governor issued a stay in place order. Nothing really changes for my family. Louisiana has the fastest growing infection rate in the world. This is grim. 
The depression has set in. Maybe part of it is hormonal, but today it’s a struggle to shower and get dressed. This is tough. 
I am thankful to live through this in a day and age where there’s technology to stay informed and in contact with people. 
But, it doesn’t negate the power of socialization and hugs and being able to leave your house. 
Whew. Today is tough. 

-I am not posting these for any kind of attention, but simply to help me. I write. It is how I process most things in life. This. This is big and I am not even sure that I comprehend just how major it is. 

-I know that none of this took God by surprise. I do believe He has allowed this to happen. And more than that, I believe He will be glorified through this—maybe not by the media, but by the neighbors in our communities. 

-Mentally, this is a struggle. Libby is extra clingy with me being at home and everyone’s routine being disrupted. It is hard to get anything done that would exercise any kind of ability that I have. Since Jimmie is at work, I tearfully asked the big kids to play with Libby for a little while so that I could do something else for a few minutes. So, here I am typing away on the computer beneath my journals that I have kept on my phone, all the while swimming in that mom guilt.

-Tomorrow begins week 2 of this pandemic quarantine life. Tomorrow, will be better. I think we will paint tomorrow. That should be fun with a 1 year old.

Until next time dearies! 

Stay home and stay healthy!


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